Thursday, March 15, 2012

Month 20

Wesley's current favorite song is "Preacher's Son". He loves it. One morning it came on and he reached up toward me and said "dance". So we did. Look how tall he is now...

He zonked out, and I couldn't help but remember all the hours we spent dancing together when he was a tiny infant. It used to be his favorite way to go to sleep...

He is now tall enough to walk his trike around the house on his tiptoes. He can also rock it back and forth with his feet on the pedals.

Gorgeous weather has led to many park days this month. Wesley packs his park bag by choosing which trucks he wants to bring. It is generally all of them.

Wesley realized that Monkey wanted to share a taste of smoothie. He generously shared.

"ahhhh fresh". So refreshing.

Transitions in Toddlerhood
Watching Wesley and his friends, it is easy to see that new dynamics are emerging. Though nobody is screaming "MINE!", the sentiment is there. Meltdowns over others' using a preferred toy, wanting the toy that someone else has, etc. has increased this month.

Wesley has been getting a lot of practice managing the new social dynamics this month in his play with his friends. And I have to say, I think he's doing really well. He is generally willing to wait his turn, or wait until the other child forgets about the toy. Unless his bulldozer is involved, he will typically let others borrow a toy from him.

It is increasingly important that we monitor hunger levels. When things start to get intense, usually a snack break will put everyone into much better spirits.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Solo Reading

This week Wesley has started spending a fair amount of time reading aloud to himself. He goes over to his shelf, chooses a book, then plop himself down and start narrating the pages.

Because he so thoroughly knows his books (including the truck books from the library), he reads highlights from the page. Overhearing him may sound something like this...

"Come! Bulldozers! Push! Dirt! Road. New-New."

That of course, is the page talking about how bulldozers help make new roads by pushing dirt out of the way. Then he turns to the next page and continues his reading.

It is a very sweet activity to watch. I love watching the evolution of his relationship to reading and books. He has previously enjoyed flipping through his books on his own, but he hadn't spent much time reading longer books aloud to himself.