Thursday, December 20, 2012

A glimpse of the past month

Oh, so much has been going on. Before Christmas I wanted to bop in and highlight some of our previous fun...

The love of my life turned 30. He just keeps getting better and better, and I am so thankful for him. A great father and my special match.

We had a wonderful day celebrating and honoring the transition at his mom's house.

On his actual birthday we had a celebration at our local coffeeshop/restaurant. Many of our friends were able to join us. It was one of those evenings of merriment that had a special glow.

We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wesley enjoyed playing peek-a-boo in the laundry basket.

And there was plenty of cuteness. Sabien lifted his head during tummy time...

The weather turned to winter. Wes got to splash in some puddles with his sword.

And there was everyday cuteness...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Godfather (& Liz)

Our dear friend Joel is Sabien's Godfather. He and his partner, Liz, recently came to visit. It was an awesome visit. They slept in our living room on our super deluxe air mattress. Wes would run out there every morning and chat them up. Sabien adored them. We had hours of fun adult talk time after the kids went to bed (back when Sabien was sleeping reliably after being put down). It was such a rejuvenating few days.

Liz was a skilled playmate and entertained Sabien while playing trains and puzzle atlas with Wes at the same time. Well done.

Wesley had his first round of putt putt golf during their visit. We needed four adults to comfortably manage both the kids while we all played. It went totally smoothly, though. Wesley LOVED all eighteen holes and couldn't get enough of it. Sabien was generally happy being passed around as we each took our shots.

We also went to Lagunitas Taproom. Here is Wesley asking Joel if he's ready for more beer. He enjoyed handing Joel the glasses from his sampler. He's such a little host. Or, a beer pusher some may say. It used to be impossible for guests to drink beer in our house without Wes coming by and tipping the bottom of their beer up into their mouth, or ordering them to drink. What a funny little guy.

It was a great visit. Every time Joel leaves we miss him a lot. He usually visits us when he's in California on work business. This time Liz flew down, too, and it was such a treat.

Did somebody say air mattress?