Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tot School (28 months)

Here's a photo-heavy, word-poor glance at Wesley's work this week...

We cut and glued #16-20 to match our previous numbers...

We played with cards, sorting by suit and number...

Spelling words...

Began and did not finish (due to total melting when he accidentally cut into the "i" up the nap is sometimes hard) our cutting and gluing ABCs in order...

geography puzzle with Liz
more thankfulness leaves
Wes had the playdough out constantly this week. I got out a spatula for him and he loved playing with it and the playdough.

Practical Life...

washing windows

prepping kale for soup

Here's a look at how trucks come into most games, and a peek at melon scooper fun (this was the first day he played with it. what a hit it was!). I was unsure where the baby dump truck was, thus the alternate suggestion...

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

28 months

Some Wesley quotes from this month...

When told not to throw pumpkin seeds off the balcony when carving pumpkins...
"I'll throw them down there and the birds can eat them"

When playing with his lion figurine...
"this is a nice lion. he doesn't roar. he won't eat you. he eats lion tofu".

When reading a book featuring a swamp thing...
"What do swamp things eat...Swamp nuts"

 "Hamsters sad in cage"

When told we'd read The Princess Bride before bed...
"No. I want to read Hemmingway"

Randomly and frequently...
"The Giants won the whole series!"

One night while playing and eating...
"The baby turned into broth and lentils! and I ate him...yum yum yum" (while pretending to eat Sabien).

One day when we were out walking, we saw a big tree that had been cut down. We were talking about how it would be chopped up for firewood, or maybe put in a chipper.
Then Wes got upset and said, "Put it back together!" 
I said that I couldn't to which he replied,
"big trees cut down makes me sad"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some Sweetness

Tot School (27.5 months)

This week we had a lot of fun. Our Thankfulness Tree (especially painting the leaves!) and spelling words out were the central activities.

Kevin (little guy in car) delivered beads to make a bead necklace for Daddy. I was surprised to see that Wes struggled some in stringing the beads on the lace, because he can string them on a pipe cleaner so easily. It was the motion of reaching around and grabbing the other end of the lace after the bead was on the end which presented a challenge. The lace would sometimes slip out of the bead.

Spelling out words was big this week...

We drove trains over our ABC puzzle while singing the ABCs. We've focused on phonics sounds, and not so much on letter names so when Wes drives over the letters he says some of their names and some of the sounds.

He has always said "ABCDFGY" for his ABC song, which he says often in play. After this play session I would hear him saying it to himself and now he has a few groupings of letters "ABCDFGY (as before) and LMNOP and WXYZ" in random order. So, that was neat.

Dusting the letters
We did some tracing...

Wes found this puzzle on the shelf and spent an afternoon mastering it and really enjoying himself.

In anticipation for Thanksgiving, we made a Thankfulness Tree. We drew a big tree. Then cut out leaves (I did that part while Wes cut around on the paper). Then we painted! We had so much fun painting. He got really into it and enjoyed layering many colors onto the leaves.

Then we wrote something we were thankful for on each leaf. We will continue to add thankfulness leaves to our tree until Thanksgiving. Wesley is (so far) primarily thankful for any toy his eye falls upon, and for the many wonderful people in his life.

We did some of  his "reading program". We haven't been doing it as much lately, but he really loves it.

We played some more Van Gogh matching/memory. We had success using eight cards or so.

We played Hi Ho! Cherrio. I could hear him counting 1-6 as he placed each cherry into the bucket, but there is still a connection missing. He will keep counting after he stops putting the objects in, even if he's starting to time the counting correctly with each object (which he used to do only for 1-3). He's starting to get the hang of it...I really love hearing him count. It sounds so sweet in his little kid voice.

We drove around some continents...

We cut out some letters. My idea was to cut out these letters and then glue them in ABC order, similar to the  counting activities we've been doing. We haven't gotten around to gluing them yet as we started the activity late at night. He really enjoyed the cutting, though.

We jumped around on some planets...

We glued the leaves we've been pressing! It was so fun to put them on paper. Now we just have to laminate them or something. Wesley gets so excited when we're out and about and he sees leaves, especially different leaves. He says, "Let's take it home and press it! that's a good idea!".

And practical life skills...we sorted laundry by light and dark color. He was a big help.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 months old

Sabien turns three months old today. 

He's a smiley guy who delights in the smallest bit of attention coming his way. He'll call out to us in his baby sounds and flash the biggest smile when we hear his request and turn his way. He's pretty relaxed and has a grounded feeling to him. He's generally a pretty happy, flexible baby.

He loves observing our activities and adores watching Wesley. He wants to be played with, too. He enjoys reading books, looking at his pattern book, and grasping toys and trying to bring them to his mouth (with some success).

He wants to nurse frequently and enjoys facing inward in the carrier most of the time. We face out for fairly short periods, though sometimes that's just exactly what he wants.

Sweet three month old. We love this bubblicious baby.