Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seven Months Crawling

Watch out world, here comes Wes.

His noises have a fierce new power and pitch.
He crawls when he puts his mind to it, but is none too happy about the process.

He pulls up on furniture sometimes, and is sure to use you as a stepping stool.

He has two fierce teeth and isn't afraid to chomp.

Our busy little guy is crawling and pulling up now. He doesn't seem to particularly enjoy crawling. In fact, he screams the entire time he does it (even when successful). This seems like odd behavior, but it must be hard and frustrating for him. So far, he only crawls short distances, and then switches to scooting.

Wes has been spending a lot of time playing and working on his mobility skills. He easily goes forward into crawling position, grabs a toy, and then goes back up to sitting. He sometimes skips naps to do his work. Also, he got many new toys from when my parents visited, so he is busy mastering them.

My parents visited! They arrived on my 28th Birthday. My Mom baked me a cake and made me a birthday dinner. Having them here was amazing. It was touching to see them playing with Wesley. He Looooved them and thought they were so fun. It felt great to have them here with us. So very good and right.

My 28th Birthday Celebrations

During their time here, Wesley advanced from having a hard time getting from his tummy his knees, to getting up into the position reguarly. He started cross-crawling (one hand, then opposite knee) at the very end of their visit, though it was primarily one crawl forward and two pushes backward. He practically pushed himself out of the room on one occasion.

We also had two college friends visit separately. Wesley enjoyed their company, too. It was a treat to have them stay with us.

Despite loving all the playmates who stopped through, in many ways Wesley has had a difficult month. The first half of the month his teeth just tortured him. He sucked on many frozen washcloths, teethed on everything imaginable, got an Amber Teething necklace, and I drank a lot of camomile tea. For now, his teeth are feeling better. Two teeth in two weeks was a difficult task.

The second half of the month has been challenging with discomfort when crawling. He has so much frustration at not being able to get to his goal, and he works so hard. Also, though we try many cute tricks, Wesley hates being on his back and screams at diaper changes and when getting dressed. We have taken to frequently changing his diaper when he is sitting or standing up (leaning on us). This sort of works.

This month has also been full of sweet playtime and Wesley has astounded me with how much he as accomplished. He is so focused and determined and he has an insatiable curiosity. He is gaining new skills like playing the xylophone & making banging noises, and using tools like blocks to knock down towers of blocks, discovering the absolute joy of eating, and many others. He has done so much this month.

We also had several playdates with Louie & Staci. Wesley warmed up to Louie. At one play session, Wes thought Louie was about the funniest thing he'd ever seen. Wes really wanted to touch his head, but also didn't know what to do with him once he was up close and personal. On several occasions they scared each other by being too loud when expressing their excitement, or by getting too close. It is interesting to see Wes becoming socialized. He keeps his eye on Louie, and often makes a nervous noise when watching, but is very interested.

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