Thursday, March 24, 2011

Month 8

Month 8 flew by.
Except for the rough end with the scary sickness, Month 8 was a fun month. I was continually amazed at Wesley's quick increase in mobility and play/engagement.
The Fifteenth snuck up on me for the first time since Wesley's birth.

Wes has become proficient in crawling (fast) and pulling up (everywhere) and cruising. I love watching him hard at work as he pulls up on his little car, plays with the toys on it, and pulls and pushes it around. He's started pushing it as a walker, though he only pushes it a few steps forward at a time.

He loooves food. He likes to eat it and help with the spoon.

He understands no but often doesn't listen and increases speed in the banned direction, which is a new ability.

He has developed notable passion for the freedom brought by his new mobility. Sometimes he gets an idea on one side of the room, crawls across the room, out the room and in to the second bedroom to play with something he remembered. A new phase of exploration. It tickles me to see him adventuring into his independence in this fashion.

He has faces which he knows are funny, so he likes to make them. He crinkles his nose and inhales and exhales loudly through his nose when he's excited or thinks something is funny. When someone laughs he continues to ham it up. He has a tough little guy look sometimes.

He's getting even more vocal. Toward the end of the month he's started this sweet and heartbreaking little "da-da-da-da-ya-da-da-ga" thing when he's upset.

Our great friend and Wesley's Godfather, Steve, came and visited us from Fairfield, Iowa. It was amazing to have him here. Wesley of course loved him, and it did me good to see Steve again. I get fueled up and inspired when I talk with Steve, and seeing him was even better.

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