Saturday, May 7, 2011

Outdoor Time

With the wonderful weather this week, Wesley has had some fun outside.
He loves trees, and their leaves. On a walk to the park (he was pushing his walker and being carried), Wesley stopped to spontaneously hug this tree. On another walk, he played with its leaves.

We have been going to the playground in the evening after we water the garden. He loves to watch the big kids play, he likes to climb on the playground equipment, and he enjoys swinging.

And sometimes he does this...

It was so warm we played with water on the balcony a few times.

We also planted our garden plot at the Community Garden. I noticed this morning that we have a few little sprouts showing! We planted two rows of salad mix, a row of lettuce, a row of beets, a mound of cucumber, a short row of kale, and bought a few tomato and pepper starts. I am very excited for it to grow. Gardening will be a practice in patience. Did you know that you have to wait 55 days for most of these plants to produce? I am so glad we have our little garden.

There is a well-shaded grass area behind the baseball field near the park. We play there in the evenings. Wesley can watch the dogs in the dog park and play in the grass or on the backstop.

I love this warm weather. It does bring new challenges to keeping Wesley protected from the sun. Up until now he was not very mobile so he could not crawl off the blanket into the sun, or he was in the carrier and we would carry a sun umbrella or he would have on long sleeves. With the warmer weather longsleeves will overheat him, so we're going to have to make adjustments. I imagine I'd feel this way about any baby, but a little redhead is all the more vulnerable. That said, I hope this summer weather sticks around.

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