Monday, February 27, 2012

The Oscars 2012

We went to Godmother Norma's house for our Oscars party last night. Uncle Jesse and Auntie Lisa were in attendance, and we had a lot of fun. We indulged (to put it mildly) in an amazing spread of food and were able to enjoy both the Red Carpet and the awards show.

Norma is the Queen of Footstools. Wesley loved pulling all of the ottomans around the room, putting them under different people's feet, then taking them back for further distribution. When Norma brought out his little chair, he immediately carried an ottoman over, crawled into his seat, and put up his feet.

At one point Wesley walked out of the room. He had been doing this all evening, so we thought nothing of it. He enjoys going into Norma's room to "look" but "" her many treasures. 

After a minute of quiet, Casey went to look for him. He couldn't find Wes and was about to enlist my help. He got that panicked feeling one gets when a child's whereabouts are unknown. He looked in Norma's room. No Wesley. Then, he checked again, and he found him...crouched down quietly "hiding" behind the bedroom door.

You found me!

We have been playing a lot of hide and seek lately, but only with his toys (I hide the bulldozer, then he comes and looks for it). This was the first time he spontaneously hid himself, let alone in a different room in someone else's house!

He loves the game. He yells "Hide!" and "Find!" When he is the one hiding, he hides in the same place, or one of two places each time. Peek-a-boo is still fun, but hide-and-find is where it's at.

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