Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Found! at Bodega

Family nature trips are wonderful. I feel replenished, we have great family together time, and each time I am reminded of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Also, Wesley is usually happy and curious and enjoying himself, which always feels good.

We went on a wonderful hike to Bodega Headlands. It was a non-windy morning in Bodega, not too cold, but just fine for a beautiful coastal cliff walk.

There were dozens of docents and people milling around hoping to spot whales. We were delighted to find wildlife of a different kind. Furry Caterpillars.

There were Furry Caterpillars everywhere! Wesley ran around yelling "Found! Another!". It was one of the first times I heard him correct his language to properly use the past tense. First he said, "Find!" then he said "Find! Found" and thereafter he'd say "Find" when he was looking for the caterpillar and then exclaim"Found" when he spotted another one. He had so much fun. 

I remember as a kid I was always so excited to find furry caterpillars. They were rare and amazing to me. How many insects are so soft and bushy? I remember always being delighted to see them. I am still thrilled to see them.

Wesley was content to ride in the backpack some, so we were able to hike a little way. Casey hesitates to call such outings "hikes", but I have lower standards, and anything over a mile in nature now qualifies as a hike. For the record, this one was probably at least two or three miles and involved a little incline.

Outings like this one are family time at its best.

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