Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Napa Day - Sandbox Time

Sabien had his first trip to Napa this week. It was a successful trip and a lovely day.

Grandpa Don built Wesley a sandbox which was the impetus for us going to Napa. It wasn't yet in place, and Wesley helped Daddy level the ground and scoop the sand into place.

Grandma, Grandpa, Casey, and Wes drove in the mule to the bottom of the hill to load up the sand.

Because he is an architect, it is a very beautiful sandbox. And the location can't be beat either.

What did you bring me, Oma?
Wesley totally loved it. He packed a bag full of an obscenely large number of trucks and enjoyed playing with them in the sand. Oma brought a big bag full of scoops and shovels and sandbox accessories. He had a blast.

The day was hot and Sabien slept most of the time. Even I got to relax and have some uninterrupted adult conversations. It was a nice day.

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