Monday, October 1, 2012

Grandma & Grandad Visit

My parents visited us for eight days. It was so great for me to have them here. I feel much more grounded after having time with them. It was infinitely helpful to have my mom her--not just to help with fussing Sabien or to play with Wes, but just as support (although, I have to say, help with Sabien was wonderful). I loved being cared for by my parents, I guess that never changes. 

It was also, of course, wonderful to see how delighted Wesley is with their presence, and to have them meet Sabien.

I felt like I learned some soothing techniques as I watched her with Sabien. I gained confidence as she moved lovingly through his fusses, lulling him with her rocking, rattle-shaking, and baby talking. Even though I've already had one baby, there are still tricks to be learned from skilled hands.

I miss my parents so much, but I am able to fully enjoy their time with us without sadness except at the end. Our time together is fun. It is regenerative.

We had a lot of good quiet time and some successful outings. We swam twice in their hotel pool (oh how wonderful to sink beneath the water--what a release).

Sabien shifted from little newborn to infant during the course of their visit. He had more awake time and was more interactive by the end of their trip. My mom discovered that he loved his Zebra Rattle. It is a clear favorite with little beads inside that make noise and offer visual interest.

One morning we woke and Casey and I both said "we need to skip town". I called  my Mom and they had had the same discussion that morning. So at nap time, off to Armstrong Redwoods we went (in two cars because we don't all fit in one anymore!). It was great.

It was painful to see them go. I look forward to their next visit, and to many Skype sessions before then.

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