Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas was great fun this year. Wesley was a very sweet age for Christmas. He was excited for the presents, but not present crazy. He didn't "get" the idea of asking for gifts, but was excited that they kept appearing under the tree and looked forward to opening them.

On Christmas Eve morning we woke up and opened presents as a family, because we were going to grandparents' house for Christmas. We spent a leisurely morning opening gifts, reading new books, playing with new toys, etc. before going for a drive for nap.

Sabien loved opening gifts. As long as the item inside was soft, he was pretty handy in ripping the open the wrapping.
Helping little brother
Wesley enjoyed his new umbrella and slippers...

Spontaneous hand holding...

This is a great book, very informative
We tried to warn everyone against getting trucks for the boy with a million trucks, and then broke the rule ourselves. So, Wes got one new truck for Christmas. It is an amazing one. He was very focused on learning its many working parts.

Christmas morning we awoke and Santa had visited us, leaving stockings full of goodies, and a few presents, which we opened before going to Napa.

Highlights included a new golf club set and a magnifying glass...

New golf clubs
Christmas day was lovely and laid back. It was Grandma and Grandpa D and Oma. We opened many gifts and ate great food. 

Wesley was excited to get a big crane ("Cranky") to go with his train set. Grandma and Grandpa gave him many new traincars, so he enjoyed playing with them on Grandma's tracks (which used to be Casey & Uncle Jesse's).

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