Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ins and Outs

Since last week's teething adventures when he needed extra comfort, Wesley has been letting me hold him facing inward, sometimes. We haven't done this since he was two months old. I have even cradled him in my arms, which hasn't been comfortable since Month One. It feels so sweet.

Soothing his lower right gumbump (while watching Casey)

I love that Wesley is strong and alert, and that from an early age he was active, looking around, and wanting to participate in the world. He wanted to be flipped outward with others after a month and a half, with me at two months. He had this preference before he had the strength to fully support his own head. We gladly helped hold his head for him.

His facing forward adds amusement to our walks as he provides commentary on the things he sees. Wesley's active interest in the world makes engagement easy and communication lively. His physical strength increases his ability to engage in happenings, and his interest in the world has led him to push his physical boundaries. His intensity is evident in play this week. He has begun yelling at his toys. It is great language practice, but sometimes slides into self-induced overstimulation.
We try to find balance between helping fulfill his desire for stimulation and his need for time to process all he's absorbed.

Sometimes now, in the quiet moments, it is nice to hug my baby chest to chest. It's a soft moment. It feels like the world is melting around, enveloping us in comfort...

I am enjoying this new phase, for however long it lasts...

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