Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Raven

When Wesley sees birds, he points and excitedly says "Buh-Buh". If the bird is near, he walks toward it. The bird usually relocates a short distance away from him. Wesley continues pursuit. This often goes on for some time, until the bird relocates to a higher perch.

One evening when Casey, Wes & I were at the park playing, Wes stood up and pointed to something in the grass. He started saying bird repeatedly, looking at us, and pointing over 10 yards away or so in the grass. We looked more closely and saw a baby raven (quite a large baby) sitting in the grass. It had fallen from its nest. Wesley started to walk over, continuing to point and say "Buh! buh!"

We relocated to the far side of the park, where you could just barely see the bump of the black bird above the grass. After fifteen minutes of play, Wes spotted the bird, started pointing, saying bird excitedly, and walking toward it. He decided it was too far to walk and looked at us with concern.

A week later, when Wes and I were at the park, we were playing in a different location. He walked very far over to the spot where the baby raven had been the previous week and pointed on the ground where he'd seen it. He looked at me, and I understood what he was saying. It amazed me...

In case you're worried, we looked it up and it is normal for a baby raven to leave the nest before being able to fly. The mother raven continues to feed it.

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  1. i wish i wrote more things like this down. i think i did an okay job with clark but have gotten less and less thorough with each child. i can't believe he is JUST turning one, he is such a big smart boy. and your photos are really beautiful. and i love that you were concerned about the baby raven.