Thursday, July 14, 2011

The day before the party

A year ago tonight was the last day before labor began. The air around me felt like it was humming with anticipation as it does when you're on the brink of a big experience that is unpredictable and unknown. We didn't know what it'd be like to be parents, and we were going to step into that world right after the adventure of labor and birth which promised to be intense.

I had, since my due date July 9, been making a concerted effort to naturally induce labor. I had my suspicions that Baby McPizz would choose to arrive on the date of both his grandmas' birthdays (July 15), but I wasn't taking any chances of having to birth at the hospital instead of the birthcenter (if I was over 42 weeks pregnant).

So I was going on many walks and hikes, taking evening primrose, and indulging in spicy food. I was also trying to rest lest I forego sufficient sleep or a nap and the baby chooses to come at night and I find myself already exhausted. I was meditating on my bed while listening to Krishna Das on my iPod every day, falling into deep relaxation and sleep. I was spending as much time as possible on my birth ball or sitting cross legged on the floor or in cat yoga pose with hopes that Wes would descend and be in proper position for an easy delivery.

I was really excited to give birth. For some reason, I wasn't scared about the birth process at all. I felt totally confident that Casey and I could make it through any pain naturally, and I was looking forward to sharing the experience. I knew it would be amazing. I knew that if so many women had done it before me, that I certainly could. I felt strong and prepared. My main concern was that Wes would choose to stay in too long, but I was trying not to think about it (and doing a semi-good job at), because I still had another week before the birth center option closed. I had decided to not be too concerned until my next appointment.

A year ago tomorrow morning I would have my check-up. At my previous one on my due date, I had "not progressed" at all, and I had no idea if my efforts were going to have made a difference.

Waiting for labor to begin was a unique experience. I felt poised in wonder--constantly wondering when the baby would decide to come, hoping he would be healthy. Who would this child be? What will his life be like? What will it be like to be a mother? What would labor be like? Would I know when it started?

I felt like we were on a swing upward--we had found our home in Petaluma, jobs, and were as ready for his arrival as we could be, as ready as possible for the birth.

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  1. aww. i am having a vivid flashback of talking to you after he was born and hearing his birth story as i walked around the salvation army. what a cozy memory. happy birth day wesley and mama.