Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lovely Parents

My parents just came to visit for a week. We loved their visit.

Wesley spent the week before their arrival carrying around a picture of them, pointing to them, and nodding his head that he knew they were coming to visit. He was happy to see them when they arrived. He glummed onto my Mom and followed her around the house, he loved shopping with my Dad, and he enjoyed playing with both of them.

It was a week filled with a nice balance of being out and about and also staying around our house with plenty of time for talking and low-key play.

We went on some hikes:

Casey and I were also treated to our first Date Night since Wesley's birth. Despite skipping his afternoon nap, reports are that Wesley did quite well. They walked to the park, played, and when we found them Wesley was snuggling with my mom, sound asleep in the carrier. Casey and I had a wonderful time going out to a delicious Italian dinner at Risibisi.

Watching the ducks at Sonoma Square
My parents took Wesley away on their own quite a bit. He hadn't previously been away from us very often. Whether outside to play ball or to splash in a fountain when we were dining out in Sonoma (within visual distance), we found it nice to have little moments together with Wesley a short distance away, perfectly content, on his adventures with my parents.

I didn't want my parents to leave. Having them here made me miss them even more. I wonder if it just going to get harder and harder to have them far away. I'm not sure, but I loved having them here.

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  1. so cool y'all had a great visit with your parents. i loved seeing the pix & yay for date nite and date moments!