Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moon Dance

Wesley delights in the moon.

When the moon was full last week, Wesley developed a new understanding of the moon. Casey showed him the picture of the moon in a book, and then pointed out the window at the moon. Something clicked.

For the past week, the first thing Wesley does when he wakes up is that he goes and points out the window and asks about the moon. He wants to frequently read books which feature the moon. He wants to go on walks in search of the moon.

The second night after his discovery, he woke up at 2:30am, he popped right out of bed, and walked to the window where the moon was just rising and shining through. He was so excited to find it. That was one of those parenting moments when I was so surprised by Wesley's development/love of life/behavior that I just marvel despite the inconvenience of being up in the middle of the night.

He asks (through action and a sound he has for the moon) many times a day if the moon is out.

If we indicate that the moon is not at the moment visible, he does the baby sign language signal "all gone". Until this week he had only used the sign to indicate that he was done eating. He has also begun shrugging his shoulders and putting his palms up to say, "I don't know".

daytime moon spotting
So when the moon is nowhere to be found, he does "all gone" and gives an "i don't know where it is" shrug.


  1. it's so cool when they make that 1st connection btw. something in their book & in their physical world - kinda like a helen keller 'water' moment. :)

    it was great to see y'all today.

  2. I like it that Wesley uses the baby sign for " food all gone " (food associated with mother) also for "no moon" (moon and mother being related in symbols)... makes you believe in the collective unconscious!