Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Month 17

Some of my favorite things this month...

Sticker Tag
One of my favorite games this month is Sticker Tag. Wesley will go get a sticker and stand near me and say "oh no, oh no" which means I am supposed to wildly start running through the house, with him in close pursuit, saying "oh no, oh no". We race through the living room, duck around chairs, climb over beds. Eventually he catches me and then the tables turn and he begins to flee. It is good fun.

gazing at Daddy

Magic Tricks
Wesley has two new magic tricks.

In the first one, he puts something behind his back (typically a rock, sometimes a bead). He waits for us to say "oh, where did that rock go? where could it have gone?" then he brings it out. It is a new variation on peek-a-boo and he initiates it a lot.

The second trick, which is much more a magic trick, was taught to him by Daddy. He takes his rock, and he pulls it out from behind our ears. It's pretty hilarious. He also pulls the rock out from behind his own ear. The first magic trick of many to come, I am sure.

spinning rocks

For a day Wesley was a robot. It all started with him putting on a hanger in the morning. Casey said he looked like a robot. For the rest of the day Wes would put on the hanger and walk around saying "bo-bah" (robot) and thinking he was really clever.

our little robot
Skype Duet
One evening while Skyping with my parents, Wesley got out his kazoo to play for them. Then he brought out his harmonica. Then my dad brought out his harmonica. They played harmonica together. They took turns playing for each other. I so enjoyed the long distance musical duet. A very special moment.

Stop, Drop, and Roll
My parents got Wesley the book Little Critter: Going to the Firehouse and it is one of Wesley's favorites this month. There is a section that teaches you to "stop, drop, and roll" when you catch on fire. Wesley LOVES to direct us all to get on the ground and begin rolling. He then sits on his tush and spins in in circles really quickly. It is quite a scene.

Our "teeee"

Last month we spent most of the month coloring. This month, we have returned to more diverse activities. We read more again. And, we have expanded into drawing while still containing a healthy dose of coloring.

My favorite drawing moments are when Wesley is drawing and then he pauses to say "meeeoow", and he begins petting his little scribbles. Then he takes my hand and shows me where to pet. The drawing doesn't stay a cat forever, later after he's added additional lines, sometimes he indicates that that cat has turned into something else. He draws with intention.

I love it when I ask what he wants to draw and then he tells me "ta-ta" (santa) or "woof woof" (dog).

Another drawing development I find endearing is when Wes takes his pen and bends down with his face reeeaaally close to the paper and draws in very slow and purposeful movements, with great focus and control.

He also really loves to draw lines and to try and draw lines to match objects in the activity portion of his coloring books. He every once in a while gets the line in the right place, but he enjoys working on it.

Words Words Words
For quite a bit of the month Wesley was functioning as my echo. Whatever was the final word of my sentence, is what I'd hear repeated back to me.

He has also gained many more words and some with surprisingly good pronunciation. My favorite words are the way he says "mermaid" so perfectly and "baby" and "Lou-Lou" for his friend Louis. He loves pointing out babies and baby animals. Sometimes he calls himself a baby.

Other things
Wes now knows his shapes. He can point to a shape when asked and he has words for some of them (tie-tie for triangle, oooooo for oval, haaaah for heart). He just picked it right up one night and all of a sudden knew it.

We've started getting books from the library. He loves getting new books. Taking him to the library is sorta crazy. He runs wildly, looks at the shelves, pulls a book off, hands it to me, and runs for more. It's hard to keep up with him and hard to extract him from the situation. But, he's chosen some classics from the shelf, and has really enjoyed some not-so-classics.

He also loves to go right up to other children in the library. He slightly invades their space and tries to make friends with them. He usually opens up the conversation by either admiring their shoes, showing them his own shoes, or showing them his hat. The reason for this, I think, is that about 90% of the time when strangers meet Wesley they said "oh I like your shoes" or "what a nice hat you have". Apparently he thinks this is social custom. Most kids look at him very strangely. The older the kid, the more confused they are. This has been his primary greeting to other children for a few months now. It's pretty funny to watch.

matching color names
This month was also Casey's birthday. Happy Not-30 (that is, 29th) Birthday, Casey.

Wes giving Daddy presents

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