Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas cheer is in full swing here. Wesley loves Santa. He says "Boo Boo Boo" for "Ho Ho Ho" and gets very excited when he sees a picture of Santa, or if he hears  he's going to get to see Santa.

In Petaluma, Santa arrives in style. We went down to the river to greet Santa and Mrs. Clause. He was so excited as he was leaving the house. Once we got to the river, he enjoyed running around with all the big kids as we awaited Santa's arrival.

Waiting for Santa

Santa and Mrs. Clause arrived on a tug. See them standing on pillars on the front of the boat?

We went to the local Christmas tree farm with Uncle Jesse & Aunt Lisa. We enjoyed running through the trees and trying to find the perfect one.

We ended up getting a pre-cut tree because, well, we liked the Douglas Fir better...

Not too heavy?
Wesley absolutely loves the tree. He stands and stares at the tree in the evening and during the day. He likes to practice putting candy canes on the tree and enjoys naming the color lights that he sees.

We are enjoying the holiday cheer. Casey had an entire week off work this past week. We had a ton of great family time together. The fun thing is, there are still many holiday festivities to come.

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  1. Putting up our tree reminds me of you guys now, because the year you did it with us, when you secretly pregnant with little W. I love your tree, it's beautiful! Merry Christmas my lovely friend.