Monday, March 4, 2013

Tot (un)School (2.5 yrs)

Things have felt a bit scattered lately, but we've been having a lot of adventures out of the house. We've also had some fun at home...

We did some letter soup spelling...

We got scissors out. Oh why have we not played with scissors for so long? Such fun!

More spelling and matching words. This time animals, their sounds and what they "do" (wag, swim, moo, etc)...

Helping baby brother brother has interest in food, but no interest in eating it, not even from his big brother who is so very carefully and lovingly feeding him.

Reading his favorite book "C is for Construction".


  1. Your motivating me to let my son use scissors :) We'll try it!!

    1. We have regular kids scissors and scissors with "lift assist". He is using the latter here. They allow him to make longer cuts because the scissors pop back open after they squeeze them shut.