Friday, February 22, 2013

First Snow (Trip)

We went to the snow. 

Not only did we go to the snow, we went by TRAIN to the snow.

Not only did we go by train to the snow, we went with GRANDMA and GRANDPA and UNCLE JESSE and AUNT LISA to the snow.

The train worked well for transporting the kids. On the way there it was very smooth. The way back was bumpy for Sabien (due to a little overtiredness and napping challenges), but was way better than driving or flying would have been. Trains are so wonderful, and being able to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery makes it a practical (and very special) way to travel with kids.

We were fortunate enough to borrow snow gear from playgroup folks. We stayed in a cabin for two nights and mostly tromped around the yard and neighborhood with a nice jaunt into downtown Truckee.

As predicted, Wesley was adorable in the snow. At first he was unsteady on the snow. It was quite hard snow and a little bit slippery. But, after awhile, he was running around, pulling his sled, sliding down the hill on tummy and sled. In short, he was having a great time.

The weather was pretty warm for having snow on the ground, which was nice because we were able to stay out for longer periods of time. The first evening we stayed outside extra hours due to a snafu with a broken wood stove (i.e. smoky house). Once we put out the fire, the central heat kept us warm the rest of the trip.

The cabin was quite beautiful.

Wesley thought it was so fun to step down and "get stuck" in this hole. He repeated many times the process of stepping in, pretending to be stuck, declaring he could get out on his own, escaping, and running over to us.

Sabien spent most of his outdoor time on me, often sleeping. I think it was the easiest place for him to focus on naps. He loved watching Wesley run around.

Wesley loved going down the (very little) hill with Casey. He also laughed heartily as Casey ran and pulled the sled on flat ground.

Wes was very industrious in the snow. He was taking his sled to the gas station and filling it up, delivering gas to the gas station, delivering various imaginary things, etc.

Wes pulling his "blue bulldozer"
On the day of our departure, a big storm was moving in. We got out in time for it not to cause travel troubles, but were able to experience snow flakes falling on us.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa D for such a wonderful first snow vacation. It was very special.

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