Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's not totally unheard of, I suppose, but I was surprised when it rained for a few days straight. We took full advantage of it. Puddle jumping!

It is no longer raining. In fact it has been 95+ degrees for days. I'm not complaining. We have air conditioning, and we harvested our first ripe tomato from the garden today. Thanks to the heat, I am sure. Yum yum! Wes gobbled it up immediately after picking it. He shared a bite, and it was amazing.

Is it just us, or do all parents get themselves into ridiculously painful situations like the one below...

We find it difficult not to let these cute little rascals crawl all over us, but that little muffin of cuteness can bounce on one's stomach or neck with amazing force. Laughing all the's harder to extract oneself than an outside observer might suspect.

They really wrestle and tumble and chase each other, too. Are we setting the example? I don't know, but refereeing their physicality with one another is a full time job these days. Boundaries and safety and respect for bodies and babies not knowing how to be gentle and sibling jealousy traveling both ways and over the top excitement with limited coordination create some complex situations.

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