Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011

2010 is over.
I am a little late with this entry. I've already had time to make progress on some New Year's Resolutions and to break some other ones...Happy New Year to all.

I like the year 2010. It is nice and round and even. I had been looking forward to its arrival throughout the first years of the millennium. I couldn't have foreseen what a big year it would be.

This year...

We moved 2,000 miles. On New Year's Day 2010 we piled in a packed car, stopped by the home of some friends for farewell croissants, and drove from Fairfield, Iowa to Napa, California.

Celebrating my 27th birthday in Napa

I received my MBA in Sustainable Business from Maharishi University of Management.

I got super pregnant and big. My body transformed. We spent hours watching the tiny feet and other body parts pushing out against my belly. Wesley was a very active baby during pregnancy.

Wesley's Due Date (July 9)

Casey ran a half marathon. We are inspired to be active and hope to model a healthy lifestyle for Wesley. We aim to run the same half marathon (or perhaps the 10K version) with Wesley in the stroller at the Avenue of the Giants in 2011.

Casey & his brother Jesse after a successful race

We found jobs and a home. I started working temp and Casey got the job he was hoping for--as a counselor at a Residential Treatment Center for adolescent girls. That brought us to Petaluma, which is where we were hoping to live. I love Petaluma. I don't know if I have ever felt so at home in a city. It fits just right,at least for now.

Going for a walk to town, New Year's Day 2011

We had a baby. A healthy, wonderful little boy. Parenthood has shifted so much in me. I am learning every day how to be a mother to Wesley. We are learning how to be a family. Watching him master skills and grow amazes me. He has transformed from a tiny newborn to a boy who can sit up on his own, laugh, and play.

What huge changes! 2010 has been an great year.
I often ache for the people and for the creative juice that flows so vibrantly with the friends we left at the start of the year, but I cherish the joys that 2010 brought us.

I wonder what this year has in store for us. I am excited for the new year and am sure I will be amazed at its happenings...

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