Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wesley's First Christmas

Last year on Christmas Day we told our parents that I was pregnant. We sat in the frozen car in Iowa calling long distance parents and we told my Mom in person. We fielded reactions from relatives as we experienced the disorientation of making our happy secret known to others. We tried to imagine what a five month old would be like this Christmas. We were very excited, and had little idea what to expect. We thought he'd probably be too young to enjoy Christmas. Boy were we wrong...

On Christmas Eve we woke up and opened gifts at our house. Wesley ripped open some presents, played with wrapping paper, and took some naps. It was fabulous.

I loved watching Wesley open his presents. I loved imagining him playing with all of his new toys. I loved our first Christmas as a little family. It was full of joy and cuteness. Wesley is so happy to be able to sit up and interact with the world. It gives him a lot more independence and is much more comfortable. It came in handy for the holiday fun.

Wesley got so many gifts. Was showered with love. Our house is still recovering from this...

Late afternoon we headed over to Grandma Damery & Grandpa Harms' house to spend the night. It was Wesley's first night away from home. It was a big success. We all slept well. Norma came over and we all spent Christmas Day opening presents and eating well. We had a great time, and then returned home late evening in time for Casey to go to work for a few hours.

I felt so much joy during the holiday season. I have spent innumerable hours singing songs to Wesley. He loves Christmas carols, I think because they have such great rhythm, rhymes, and repetition. I sang him to sleep to The Twelve Days of Christmas so many times I'll never forget the words.

This Christmas, our little boy was sitting up and wildly ripping open gifts and mouthing wrapping paper. Last year at three months pregnant, I had little idea of what to expect, but I was hoping it would feel like this. Like magic that makes me want to sing and hang up decorations.


  1. i love knowing you as a mom. i love knowing you. merry christmas to you and your precious family. can't wait to see that sweet little guy in person.

  2. I totally knew last Thanksgiving. Melissa turn down wine?! Hehe. Next Christmas will be even better--he'll actually kind of know what's going on. :-)

  3. Wesley is so lucky to have parents who so love being parents! It is the greatest gift to a child: to en-Joy them!