Saturday, June 4, 2011

Couch Climbing

This evening Wesley finally discovered how to climb the couch. We have been watching him get closer for quite some time, but when he tried a new strategy tonight, it paid off. He was getting really close by swinging his leg up sideways and trying to get traction to pull himself up the rest of the way. I figured it'd be a few weeks, or maybe until he grew another inch.

However, this evening he started pushing the cushions up and looking underneath them. BINGO. He pushed the cushion up enough to crawl under it while holding it up with his hands. Then he shimmied to the side cushions and was up. He has repeated the method several times now, so I think it's embedded. So far he has been very careful and able to get himself back off the couch without assistance, but I saw him eyeing the end table as a potential place to crawl onto from the couch...This baby is a climber.

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