Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Harvest

Our garden is thriving. We have been eating as much spring mix lettuce as we want to and enlisting others to do the same. It makes me so happy. I can hardly believe that it's doing so well.

Our first harvest

One interesting thing about eating food fresh from a garden is that everything tastes better. I hadn't had spring mix from a garden before--only heads of lettuce. I generally buy spring mix at the grocery, but I hadn't thought about the way in which it would be better from the garden. The leaves are lighter, more delicate. They sort of melt in your mouth. Far superior to any I've had from the store. Also, I pick our baby kale and eat it straight--it's not tough, it doesn't taste over vitaminy.

It had been raining all last week so we didn't check on the garden for five (ish) days. We were expecting to potentially see a garden disaster when we finally went to check on it, but instead we found this...

Tomorrow morning I am going to harvest a bunch of kale to puree for Wes. He loves kale.

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