Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Walk

I often feel like the best way to capture a sense of Wesley is to show him in sequential photos. Still shots catch his expressions and some of his action, but they miss so much of his activity. This was our walk from our house (in the background of photo one) down the block to the park. Note Wesley pointing at the neighbors (photo two) and then later pointing at the palm tree before going to further investigate it. I love our walks.


Walking is good fun. Wesley pushes his walker with confidence and purpose now. He stops briefly along his way to investigate or point at the highlights (palm trees, nice stones, flowers), but for the most part he readily returns to his walker and presses onward.

Wes is a very careful new walker. He has yet to take a tumble when walking. He has always been able to catch himself with his hands. He takes steps anytime he lets go of a piece of furniture. Or, much of the time, if he's in the middle of the room he stands himself up and walks maybe five steps, squats down and catches himself, and then stands back up to continue on his way. He is still crawling much of the time, especially for speed, but he spends a lot of time walking or standing now. And, he loves to push his walker and his trike...

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