Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An adventure

This morning we dropped Casey off at work at 6:30AM.
He will be gone for ten days on a wilderness backpacking trip for work.

He's hopefully either asleep or snuggled in my sleeping bag under a spectacular star-studded sky right now. That is after driving five hours and packing in and setting up camp with twelve teenager girls, many of whom have never before gone backpacking.

I saw the packs all lined up this morning when we dropped him off. It made me want to go backpacking. With Casey. Not so much with the others.

Wes and I made it through Day One. Wesley appears to be teething now with the tell-tale stream of drool purpetually hanging from his chin. We had dinner with Auntie Lisa and Uncle Jesse, which was so delicious and an excellent evening treat.

It should be interesting to see how Wesley does without Casey. I am confident we will be fine, but I am still a little nervous. I know I miss Casey a lot when he's gone for half that long. And I understand where he is. Wes is very attached to his Daddy.

Last week pretty much every day there was at least one episode of him being worried about Casey's absence. How do I know? Often, Wes will start saying "da-da-da" and then go knock on the bathroom door, then go to the front door crying. Or, he picks up his little magnet with a picture of him and Casey, kisses it (a favorite activity), and walks to the front door and starts crying. We had one of these sessions today, but it wasn't a severe one.

We've recorded videos of Casey talking to Wes, so I can play that for him tomorrow. I plan to fill the week with family, friends, and plenty of outdoor time.

I guess I'll go to bed. Normally I stay up and wait for Casey to get home from work, but now I might as well stock up on sleep. I miss him already.

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