Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garden: Year 2

Though I haven't posted about it, our garden is growing again this year. It was pretty sleepy during the winter months.

We planted tomatoes, peas, kale, collard greens, lettuce, and carrots. Everything is thriving. This is our first year growing peas, carrots, and collards. I am excited for them.

I can hardly wait for fresh tomatoes. This year Welsey can talk about the garden. He can tell you what is growing, that we're waiting for the tomatoes to get red but they still need to grow more. He also assists with the harvest. He often sits in front of the rows of kale and collards with his scissors and bucket and snips the leaves at the stem while I water the plot. He can fill up a whole bucket, which is quite helpful.

We thinned our carrots, and Welsey LOVES them. These are the first carrots I've ever grown, and they are delicious.  So sweet and yummy.

They're the first raw carrots Wes has ever eaten. I wasn't sure when he'd be old enough to chew raw carrots, so we never really tried, but now he can eat them from our garden.

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