Thursday, June 14, 2012

Redwood Forest

On a scorching 90+ degree day in Petaluma, we escaped north to Armstrong Redwoods. It was cooler in the forest, and we had a wonderful walk. 

Wesley was so joyful. He ran up the path thoroughly enjoying himself.

It was such a nice family day in nature.

A very pregnant Mommy with a very excited Wesley...

With the arrival of Baby#2 on the near horizon, these days with Wesley seem all the more special. We are savoring our special time with Wes as a family of three. We are enjoying giving him our full attention, appreciating his special ways, and imagining how different things will be with a newborn. At the same time we are all (perhaps Wesley most of all) growing excited to meet Baby Brother.

A trip to the Redwoods like this was filled with Wesley toddler glory. He can talk about the Redwood Forest and how tall the trees are. He can climb in and out of a "goblin cave" and talk about what he thinks the goblin eats (plants and peas). He can run and walk far distances (at least as far as pregnant Mommy) and hug trees. He can tell us that he has to go potty and happily pee in the bushes. Then he can go for a relaxing, delicious meal at The Garden Grill, making the day feel like luxurious paradise.

He can keep talking about the trip for days afterwards, helping us all to remember how fun it was.

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