Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gram & Grandpa Visit

Gram and Grandpa visited from Kauai. They did a home stay in a house that is right around the corner from our place, directly across from our community garden plot. The proximity was amazing. We had a great time.

We went to the coast at Salmon Creek. It was chilly and windy but we bundled and enjoyed it. Our kite flew itself in such strong wind which was both fun (in that it flew the entire time) and a little anticlimactic (in that it took no attention). After awhile, we literally strapped it to the diaper bag and it stayed in the air the whole time.

We saw multiple kites that had escaped their owners and were soaring free bumping across the ground. We had front row seats to one dad chasing his kite across the beach and up the bluffs (it ended in success).

Uncle Jesse & Wes built an awesome sandcastle with an extremely deep moat. Gram and Wes dug nearly to China (Wes loves China these days).

And we rested on the warm sand.

On a different day, we went to McNear Park for some outdoor fun.

We ate a lot of delicious food. Wesley enjoys restaurants now, which is really nice. So, we hadsome great meals out as well as sharing some at our place and theirs. 

We read books.
Lunch at Aqus Cafe

We celebrated Gram's belated birthday with a delicious dinner and a cake. Wesley helped Gram blow out her candles. He also helped decorate. He enjoyed a scrumptious bowl of berries and cherries and didn't even notice that we were eating cake.

We went to the Farmer's Market and Wesley devoured Gram's peaches and blackberries. What a treat!

It was a fun visit, and we're so glad they made the long trip out to see us.

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