Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bye-Bye Baby

Wesley has a new ability to try different communication strategies in order to be understood. The following scene occurs at least once a day, typically once in the morning and once in the evening.

We're hanging out doing whatever.

Wes walks to the door, looks at us and waves, "bye-bye". He leans against the door and waits. No movement? Maybe they don't understand.

Wes goes to the shoe rack, takes one of Casey's shoes off the rack, brings it over, puts it on my foot. "Wes, that's Daddy's shoe, can you bring Mommy's shoe?" He brings about five shoes and piles them on my feet, including my shoes. Parents still aren't jumping up. They are so dense.

Wes puts on his hat. He brings a pair of his pants over (if he's in a diaper). He brings his sweatshirt over. He brings a diaper from his diaper bin over. He brings more shoes. Without our asking him to do any of these things. He just knows our routine, knows this is what we do before going "byebye".

Eventually his persistence and superior ability to "give a hint" pays off. How could we say no?

We have been going on many very long walks lately. Wes likes to walk and he has a lot of energy and endurance. He walks all the way to town which is about 3/4 of a mile (which takes about an hour), walks around town, and often walks partway back.

Our routine this week has been that we walk for about an hour and a half before bed then come home, take a bath, and eat a huge dinner. He has been sleeping very well after all his exercise.

A related perk of this new stage is that if we want to leave the house, Wes can actually help or at least not be a hinderance (if asked he will get his shoes, find his socks, get our shoes, find a sweater, etc).

The speed of our exit from the house has dramatically increased (not saying much) because Casey and I can get ready at the same time instead of one of us having to entertain Wesley while the other tries to pack or get dressed. Or, if it's just me, I can get ready more quickly without him bringing me books or clinging to my leg, etc. We still have to dress him, but he is amazingly cooperative if he knows that his socks and shoes are being put on so he can go outside.

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