Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For the love of kitty

I made my first appeasement purchase.

We were in Target buying cards. Wesley saw a card that excited him. He pointed, reached, and laughed at the card. He was so tickled by it. I laughed, too, we talked about it, enjoyed it together.

Then it became serious. He wanted it. So badly he screamed, he flailed trying to get out of the Ergo. It was as if his soul was being tortured by the movement away from the card. So intense, such anguish. Saying "bye bye" to the card was no use. Walking away was worse. We returned.

I handed him the card. Laughter, sweet silly laughter. He kissed the card. He hugged the card. I held it in front of him for the rest of our shopping trip with him laughing in joy, kissing it periodically.

This is the card:


  1. worthy appeasement purchase :) we've made many. tonight a. didn't want to pick up daddy to bring him home (we were in mill valley; this was not going to fly). she wanted just mommy & her to go home. i shifted the energy saying maybe we should pick up a purple elephant instead (intending daddy to play the elephant). she loved it & went w/it: no - she wanted to pick up a pink elephant & red elephant! when daddy (playing elephant) got in the car it was a HUGE disappointment & she got totally upset for a LONG time. we ended up pulling off at toys r us san rafael rite before closing & finding a pink elephant. it felt like a worthy $6; we figured we'd sorta led her on anyhow.

  2. i am sitting here laughing at your comment. probably a little too hard. parenthood, even in its finest creative-genius-solution moments sometimes backfires. and backfiring with a toddler is loud. love the story. i had the looming feeling that this purchase may be the first of more to come...

  3. hahahaha! i am so glad you blogged this. i actually laughed out loud at the card. and yeah, appeasement purchases. it happens. i need to call you back soon. i'll try tomorrow. it's been such an insane week. phew.