Thursday, September 8, 2011

Matching Colors Game

Wesley's new favorite game involves "coloring". Except now he's not very excited about the actual act of coloring. He just loves the crayons and colors.

We sometimes play this game for hours a day:
He stands under a dresser drawer where we store the crayons (up high) and says "da-dat" pointing up (this means "crayons, please".

Steps to the game:
  1. Give a crayon (or two, one for each hand) to the Wes, telling him the color of each crayon.
  2. I say, "Can you find something in the room that is *orange*?" He often points to the orange crayon.
  3. I say, "Yes, can you find something else in the room that is orange?"
  4. He toddles around saying "hmmmmm" to himself. He puts his crayons up next to various items in the room.
  5. Sometimes after awhile I offer, "Is your vacuum orange? YES! it is". Sometimes he nods. He may smile, excited to find a match. He may nod and quickly seek out the next object. Sometimes he tries to match a color to an object, then gives me an inquiring look asking for verification. Then I say, "Does that match? Noooooo, that is a black guitar case". He sometimes thinks it's really funny when things don't match. Every way he wins.
  6. Then he hands me the crayons, goes and stands under the drawer, and awaits new colors.

Sometimes we don't even match the colors to objects, he just likes to walk around looking at the crayons before asking for new ones. He often doesn't seem to care if the colors actually match, but he likes the process of comparing them.

This game makes me realize I should have bought the 64 pack of crayons instead of the 16 pack. The colors cycle quickly.

*Disclaimer to anyone inspired to do this activity* Sometimes Wes does make small marks on objects in his efforts to "match" them. Also, I have to read his signals and anticipate when he starts to get tired or bored because it is then that he is most likely to mark on things.

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