Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Chain

Wesley and I had so much fun making a Christmas Chain.

Step 1: I cut strips of red and green paper into approx 1" (?) strips. I just eyeballed it as we went. Wesley enjoyed holding the scissors but wasn't at all able to use them beyond sticking his fingers in the handles.

Step 2: Wesley used the glue stick to "dab dab dab" the glue on the end of the strip where I showed him. I typically had to apply more glue to the area. I am not sure if this is only because our glue stick is massively dried out, or if he would have been pressing hard enough anyway.

Step 3: Wesley strings the strip through one of the completed circles. He really enjoyed this step. Though it wasn't particularly challenging, it was immensely gratifying.

Step 4: I form a ring by sticking the ends together.
Step 5: Stand under the creation and clap at a job well done.
Step 6: Clap each time Wesley notices the chain and indicates that you, too, should be clapping in approval.

We had a lot of fun making the chain.

If anyone is thinking of doing this craft, you may wish to cut the strips in advance if your child will want the scissors too badly (if he/she is too young for them or if you too lack safety scissors). We narrowly avoided a major issue with it. It was nice to not have to do anything in advance, though.

I love how festive the house feels with our holiday decoration in place. Tree to come this weekend (*fingers crossed*).

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  1. Clark is fascinated by Wesley's photos because he thinks he looks just like Hal. "They are matching babies!" They kind of are.