Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving

As I pause to think of the things for which I am thankful, I am flooded with so much. I only wish I could live more fully in appreciation of them all each day. But I am trying. I am thankful for that. 

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving. A wonderful festive time full of family and friends and good food.

Cranberries Popping
Our friend Marlene (with whom I have been friends since middle school) spent the night on Wednesday so we could all be together on Thanksgiving. It was a treat to have a sleepover at our place. It was a special way to kick off the holiday. As in, it gave me that warm, bright, wonderfully comfortable and enlivening feeling that comes when hanging out with a much beloved friend.

Then Thanksgiving morning we woke up and baked some pies (that is, Casey baked some pies) as we Skyped with my family. It was so good to see my sister, Alex, Opie (their dog who Wes kept petting on the screen) and my Mom and Dad. I hadn't seen my sister or Alex in so long, it was great to see them there on the screen looking healthy and happy.

Then we headed to Napa. What a day! Wesley was happy as can be, running all around the house, showering love on everyone. We ate. We cooked. We looked at the goats. We went for a walk.

It was misting and wet, so Wesley got a chance to wear his new rain gear.

and Marlene got to wear hers...

and we had some nice time indoors, too...

I am thankful for my family near and far. I am thankful for new friends and old friends. It sounds cliche, but I've been feeling it more profoundly this year. I think often how fortunate we are for our health. For our home in Petaluma.

And my little family of three...I am massively thankful for Casey, thankful in ways which continue to evolve and deepen. I am thankful for our little bundle of amazement, for getting to watch Wesley grow and develop. I am thankful that I get to stay home with him each day, sharing in the nuances of daily life.

I am a fortunate lady.

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