Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Festivities

We had a wonderful Halloween season. Grandpa Pizz (currently Wesley-deemed "Papa") and Gram (sounds like Ma-Ma) were visiting. Wesley just loved Halloween and so did I.

And I loved Casey's pumpkin pie made from real pumpkin. And he made a mini-pie just for me. It was truly the best pumpkin pie I've tasted. Using fresh pumpkin must have made a difference.

We went to a Day of the Dead parade. Casey was working, but the rest of us got dressed up.

Gram read Where the Wild Things Are to Wesley to get him excited about putting on his monster costume. It totally worked.

Wesley actually fell asleep on our walk to downtown, and stayed asleep through some loud drumming, mariachi music, and crowd noise. He is wiped out with his molar challenges, family festivities, and what appears to be a transition to one nap a day, at least for now.

Then it was Halloween. Casey, Wesley, and I carved a bunch of pumpkins this year. Wesley was totally into the process. He was very busy scooping out guts and poking in the pumpkin with his spoons and spatulas and measuring scoops. He enjoyed picking up the stray pumpkin seeds and putting them in the waste bag. He like trying to put the lid back on the pumpkins (a little challenging to get it settled just right). I love pumpkin carving, so it was a treat to share it with Wes.

Then we walked around town during the afternoon...

Jesse & Lisa came over for dinner and then we met up with Grandpa and Gram to walk the mega-street of Petaluma Halloween Festivities (D Street).

On our way Wesley went to two houses and trick r treated. He loved walking up to the houses and up the stairs. He didn't want to get very close to one of the homeowners, but was happy to look at him from a distance and to have him come put something in his pail. When I asked him if he wanted to go to more houses he gave a hearty "yaaaaaah".

It was a very fun start to the holiday season.

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