Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mom's visit

My mom visited for my 30th Birthday. That was the greatest birthday gift of all. She came in on Friday and stayed through The Redeye on Tuesday night. A nice long-feeling trip. She baked me a cake, she and Casey prepared me a wonderful Birthday Brunch. She played with the boys. We had a massively successful shopping trip to San Francisco. We had many hours of talking. It was awesome.

I just really love having her around. We all did.

This week has been hard. I think partially a let down of her being gone. I miss her.

This is Wesley saying "I'm a dancing dragon" whilst leaping up and down. We happened upon Chinese New Year's celebrations at Union Square when we were shopping for my birthday clothes (sooo nice to have a real wardrobe). He and Casey spent a lot of time watching the festivities (which gave my mom and I plenty of time to shop). He loved the dragons.

Grandma did so much good truck playing. Sabien just loved her and had so many smiles for her.

The trip was a last minute treat. We had extra flight vouchers from our trip last spring (we delayed two days and "took deals" = two days x two people = four vouchers for $400-$500 each = a family trip to Hawaii and Mom here for my big 3-0).

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