Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tot School (30 months)

Here's a glimpse at the Tot School things we've done the past couple weeks. We are working a lot with letters and words as Wesley is excited about that. He's reading cvc words well and some ccvc words, too, though he likes those less.

We have been spending much of our time in The Field. There are various scenarios to The Field. This is The Rainy Day Field...

The Field always involves animals and trucks reading words, and usually delivering items to said words. Sometimes it is a Truck Field full of truck words (dig, dump, flap, big rig, etc). 

Often it is The Animal Field. The animals in the field are usually VERY hungry. Our play goes like this...

  grocery: ring ring this is the grocery store calling. I have some food I need delivered
  fire truck: yes I"ll be right there
  grocery: I have this slop I need delivered to pig
  fire truck: ok I can do that
  ::fire truck goes into field and tries to find "pig" by reading various animals. chats with them, promises them food next time, etc. until "pig" is located, slop (blocks) is delivered

 This is the night he cuddled up on my lap and said, "Mommy, I really love pelling words with you" (spelling). Melt my heart...

We were spelling letters on cvc and ccvc cards from blog.maketaketeach.com. I did write letters on little blocks that we happened to have and he was much more interested once we did that.

 Reading one day...

This is Wesley so excited because we confused a "b" for a "p" (twice). He then did it on purpose and thought it was reeeeaaally funny. It's so cute to see him jump around laughing at his letter joke.

One thing about where Wesley is with reading right now. He can read regular cvc words very handily. He's starting to learn some of the odd rules for words like "fly" that have alternate letter sounds. While he can read some cvcc words, he is intimidated by them and doesn't enjoy it as much or isn't as eager to read them. I sometimes feel like I'm running out of cvc words, especially since he really likes them to be animals or trucks! 

I imagine he will gradually get more comfortable with blends and longer words as we play more, he already seems to be catching on. He doesn't want to do multiple words together, yet. It's wonderful to see his reading blossom, and interesting to see all of its little permutations.

His imaginative play seems to have taken on a new dimension the last couple weeks, too. His play scenarios are becoming more varied and more complex. It's hard to describe the shift, but...it's there.

He's also cooked up some delicious food...

We've built some magnolia pod and acorn houses in the park. This is Wes with his paintbrush painting it red...


  1. Wow, I can't believe he's reading :) So wonderful that even though he's advanced, it doesn't seem like you're pushing him too much!

    1. Following his lead has really worked. Even if he only spells two words during an hour of play (which was not atypical for months at a time), he has absorbed so much by learning in his own style (totally integrated with play)!