Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blushing Beaches

We went to the ocean.

Casey went to the same beach when he was young. He figured if he'd last visited at age 8, it'd have been 20 years since he was there.

Two decades.

I used to be horribly embarrassed when adults said things like that. Blushing
for them. Didn't they know how old it made them sound? It seemed lewd and improper.

I thought adults did it to shock themselves or others with the span of time. We say it, a
nd then we marvel at the passage of time...

We say it so we can step into time and feel the weight and texture of two decades in a moment. We try to hold its mass in our minds, turn it over, and see the space it takes up from different angles.

In sharing the moment with another, we say, "this is the span of my life". It is an intimate act.


  1. That hat!! How adorable! Claire totally needs one in girly colors. :-)

  2. Babies remind parents and especially grandparents how short and precious life is. 20 years ago to Casey's mother (me!) is like yesterday. You have put it very well, Melissa; we say these things that embarrass our children in their triteness and obviousness, but are our way to get our minds around the mystery of the kernel of our life, a kernel that carries the germ of eternity. When we are in touch with the eternal through an infant, it all seems so fast!

  3. oh, i know exactly what you mean. (and i am so so glad you have a blog.)