Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wearing Wesley

I knew when I was pregnant that I wanted to wear my baby. The only baby items I gushed over prior to Wesley's birth were slings and wraps. I hardly know why. My babywearing experience is much more rewarding and diverse than anything I imagined at that time.

I wear Wesley every day. Wearing Wesley feels great for both of us. Some of my favorite moments are when I get out the Moby. He anticipates it more than anything else. He can be fussing or crying, and if I get out the Moby and say "do you want to go in the Moby" he will stop, watch, and often start smiling. That's enough reason for me to wear my baby, and to know that it is the right thing to do.

Week 3

Wearing Wesley enables me to get things done which I could not otherwise do. We do chores together in the sling. I wear him on morning and evening walks to help him slip into sleep. I dance with him in a sling every day--I would not be strong enough to last more than a song or two with my bare arms. Carrying an extra 7-13.5 pounds everywhere I go has helped me lose most of my baby weight. I walk to town, and I go in stores with Wesley snuggled close to my chest. He won't tolerate being left in an infant seat in public. He wants to be part of the action.

Wearing Wesley helps us connect. I can see him, I can feel his mood, and we share our experiences when he is so near. It has been some of my most precious time with him. Equally beautiful is seeing Casey wear Wesley--it makes my heart swell.

Week 13

I was inspired to start this blog and share my story after reading a post from my friend Erin at swonderland in honor of National Babywearing Month. Adventures in Babywearing kicked this whole thing off, and others are sharing their stories here. Join us and spread the news about the joy of wearing your baby.

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