Friday, October 15, 2010

Three Months Old

Wesley turns three months old today.

It is amazing how quickly he changes. He goes through phases at a shocking rate, picking up new preferences and dropping old ones as he continues to evolve. He gains new skills and adds different noises to his repertoire nearly every day. I can hardly resist laughing in disbelief as each of his new abilities emerges.

Here are some highlights from the day...

He "ooo"s and coos and squeals with delight throughout our visit to the ornament store.
He is transfixed by the shiny silver tree.

He smiles and makes faces during tummy time. He also grabs his toys and chomps on them.

He is feeling very social as he talks and showers me with smiles.
He takes frequent breaks to suck on and cuddle with his blanket animal.

And a couple just for fun.

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